Art 492F

Progress as of 5/11

My to do list:

1. Finalize my creative statement

2. Redo my sketches using  illustrator

3. Print everything out and put my portfolio together

 Progress as of 5/6

All garments finished. We had our photo shoot today.


Progress as of 5/4

Finished two more designs. Four finished total.

IMG_1275[1] IMG_1281[1]

Currently crocheting bodice of last design.

IMG_1286[1] IMG_1287[1]

Progress as of 4/27

I started crocheting portion of the designs

IMG_1259[1] IMG_1260[1] IMG_1261[1] IMG_1262[1]

Progress as of 4/20

The fabric portion of design 1 was completed as well as for designs 2,3, and 4.

IMG_1234[1] IMG_1235[1]


Next step is to finish design 5 and begin the crochet portion of the pieces.

Progress as of 4/13


Deciding on color schemes


Pattern pieces for each outfit are all cut out.


In the process of sewing design 1

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About Me


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