ART 459

Assignment #3: Tip Toe through the Tulips

Dance happy and free

and sing beside the flowers

free as one can be.


Link to video:

Portfolio Tala Application

Portfolio PowerPoint

Application PDF

Wigwam Ski Socks

Wigwam Ski Socks PDF

Sustainability <5% Waste

 The Earth is the ultimate sustainer of life and all life was born from it. The Earth is constantly shifting and folding in on its self to create new soil and as the dominating species of this planet it is our responsibility to be conscious of what we put into it. If we continue dumping poison into the soil that grows the world’s food then we are only killing the generations of life that come after us. What are you doing to the Earth? Are you someone who is killing it or someone who is helping it grow? It is time for all of us to recognize what we are doing and the consequences it is having on our planet. If we do not sustain the Earth then it cannot sustain us.

Sketch real 1

Sketch 1



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